Mod Pods: SpaceAge Decorating Comes All The Way Down to World

When first I viewed the film 2001: A Space Odyssey as an adolescent, I was not only brought to the SFX, the songs, or the mysterious monolith. I used to be entranced by the appearance of it: the interior decoration of “Area Station V” (organically-formed, blob-like reddish seats and tulip tables against an all-white backdrop) and the stewardess in a passenger space ship who wore white leather go go boots.

Several of to day architects and designers are seeking back to the future –– to the hey day of space age appearances, the swinging ’60s –– for retro inspiration. Itis a look that evokes youth and confidence: the Beatles, mini-skirts, scooters…of shooting for the moon.

No need to change your pad into a period film set, although. ’60s-age furniture (classic finds or brandnew variations from Knoll or Fritz Hansen) can be very versatile. A dose of orange in a area telegraphs the mod sense effortlessly. So when always, light is essential. Luckily, lighting and lamps are frequently among the least expensive methods to get a large-layout fix. Read on for tips about how to change your atmosphere.

Roger Hirsch Architect

Nothing is more ’60s mod than the usual conversation pit. Designed by Roger Hirsch Architects to get a Chicago town house, this swingin’ spaceage round sofa is recessed to the ground –– perhaps not a simple feature to duplicate, but the groovy tulip tables and lucite seats are inexpensive (and flexible) extravagances.

Roger Hirsch Architect

Midcentury layout is about sleekness: unfussy, stream lined layouts (and open floorplans) dominated. This residence work place-cum-screening area makes innovative usage of a basic counter as desk area (with storage built in to the wall, while the the room over is left empty for projections on film night.

Kanner Architects – CLOSED

Elegant simplicity: two glossy round black seats let the Pollockesque art (as well as the window to the outside) sparkle.

BKSK Architects

Evidence that mod could be comfy: an iconic Arne Jacobsen Egg chair and an Eames molded plywood seat appear to float atop a downy wool flokati rug dull light along with a roaring fireplace are consistently warm and encouraging).

Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset’s biomorphic “To Go” line is lively and tactile. Is that egg a a dining table or a sculpture? Either way, it is the the type of straightforward, far-out touch which makes a chamber.

Annular motifs possess a really ’60s sense. The design of the crystal fixtures that were bubbly is duplicated on the wall therapy. Eating established and the dull palette are what makes this kind of bold, geometric repeat of layout work.


Orange crush. The couch pops amidst an otherwise impartial, industrial area. In the image on the left, notice the bent-plywood partitions using a sliding door that separation the openplan of an urban loft –– it is quite definitely a “home of the long run.”

This encouraging room has a really Scandinavian feel, integrating sleek modern layout using a warm, region home appearance (notice the open ceiling beams). The Knoll Uterus- eque seat is upholstered in a print that is capturing, while the wood paneling throughout the hearth is ordered in a pattern that is smart.