The best way to Hook a Shower Up to your Bathtub Faucet

A shower is a handy addition to any bathroom even in the event that you choose baths. But including a shower that is normal is an important undertaking. One simple answer would be to install a particular tub diverter spout that lets you hook a shower up into a bathtub faucet with a a small plumbing change. When the spout is in place, it is possible to choose from a broad selection of showers, put a shower curtain up and appreciate the soothing spray.

The bath-tub spout to find out whether it’s fastened to the wall pipe using a set-screw pipe or threads. Look to get hole or a slot in the underside of the spout that provides entry to your set-screw. Remove the set screw then pull the spout unusual pipe. Alternatively, eliminate a spout by grasping the spout having a pair of pliers and wrapping a fabric across the finish. Turn the spout counter-clockwise to unthread it in the wall pipe.

The wall across the wall pipe to remove soap scum, old caulk or alternative debris. Fill any gaps.

Obtain a tub diverter spout for showers. Follow the directions if it is required to install an adapter for the type of wall pipe of the manufacturer’s. Wrap three turns of plumber’s sealing tape across the threads of adapter or the wall pipe. The diverter spout on the wall pipe and tighten it yourself.

Thread the hose of the shower attachment on the outlet fitting of the diverter spout and tighten. Turn on the water and raise the button along with the spout to divert water. Check for leaks.

Where it meets the wall run a bead of silicon caulk across the spout. If there’s one, do not obstruct the slot in the bottom of the spout. Allow the caulk setting up before utilizing the shower.