The best way to Sand an Oak Dining Table

A great oak dining table could be a piece of furniture in almost any household. The toughness of its own grain pattern and the wood makes this product some thing worth re-storing the area becomes scratched from years of use as well as when the the final starts to fade. Before it is possible to refinish your dining table to give a clean look to it, you will need to sand away the aged end and expose the wood therefore it could absorb the stain.

Lay a dropcloth across the dining table to guard the ground. Put on a respirator along with work gloves.

Attach 150-grit sandpaper to your block. Sand the dining table in strokes toward the grain. Sand odd or curved -shaped parts of the dining table manually to make sure that all areas are reached.

Raise the grain of the wood by wiping down the surface of the table using a moist rag moistened with water. Wipe the dining table using a towel and let it air dry for several hours. Distilled water aids increase small fibers.

Fill imperfections or any holes with wood putty and permit it to dry.

Attach 180-grit sandpaper to the block. Sand the whole area again toward the grain of the table’s. Sand odd or curved -shaped parts of the dining table yourself. Sanding before the the conclusion is even and places where you used the wood putty are easy.

Wipe the dining table using a tack cloth to remove all particles. Finish the dining table as wanted.

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