The Unparalleled Power of Trees

I find it is possible to fit most home websites into one of two types of areas: people with mature shade trees and people without.

Residence websites without trees just are not the same. However much design is integrated into a website, something is always missing without the pedigree of trees. Whether these trees become areas where kids grow, we sit in refuge or birds dwell, the prosperity of character can be shown to the most ignorant and many disconnected people in stewarding trees.

Growing a tree is energy — as long as the sun is in the sky, roots and shoots will rise. You can get seeds for free from trees in a park or in a friend’s home. You can also buy little trees from a local nursery, and with a little attention and focus on soil research, you can watch infants turn into giants right before your eyes. You can pull seedlings out of your backyard when they are twisted with little to no experience in proper transplanting and move them to desirable locations. With the proper resources, I really could deliver 40-foot-tall trees via helicopter right to your location. Obviously that is pretty extravagant, but believe it or not, it’s been done. It just goes to show just how much value we see in trees.

On a recent consultation, I was taken to a huge area where the American beech woodland trees were cleared of their understory, which was substituted with grass grass. I was told this area was very important to the owners, but the trees were clearly declining. The shift in soil biology via the introduced gardening grass, fertilizer, fertilizers and compaction brought on by industrial generators had potentially doomed these delicate giants. Regrettably, this particular story is a ubiquitous one, in which “landscaping” is usually the culprit behind a lot of the true destruction of nature’s beauty.

Since few people have the ability to helicopter in 40-foot trees and handle them for life, an understanding of abundance will help support a very long view of what is possible in landscape design.

Donald Pell – Gardens

The home of landscape design superstar James Rose not only disturbs trees, it includes them. Our staff marveled at the unique home on a recent trip — it is truly a marrying of garden and home. What a joy it must have been to meditate every day in the room adjoining to the tree-filled hall!

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Today’s catalogs are littered with modular fireplace methods revealed starkly sited in sterile lawns. This custom exterior fireplace, located among lovely palms, produces a wonderful bit of craftsmanship component of a romantic location. It is more than the sum of its parts, if you may.

D’Asign Source

The guest entry is just one of the very first things I consider on projects. How do you circulate visitors to the front door and off from the garage doors? Your exterior’s experience ought to be about the landscape and the design.

We could all close our eyes and imagine that the driveway inside this photo flanked by yard. It would not be quite as powerful a location. You could pave this driveway with almost any stone or modular paver accessible, but the trees that compress the space are what create a magical encounter.

Lake Country Builders

This beautiful veranda with its excellent view of the water is even more powerful since it is framed by trees. The trees attract the remote landscape to the foreground. I love how this space has not one of those dull cookie cutter shapes on ideal centers, but rather highlights the gnarly, clumped, perfectly pristine trees.

Donald Pell – Gardens

We assembled this patio above a steep slope that required large retaining walls. Precautions were taken to ensure that the branches of the apple tree along with the red maple tree outside were kept intact.

In one of our more awkward moments, a loader caught and divide a significant branch. We immediately brought one of our arborist partners in, who was able to conserve the branch. These crops are so precious, they’re not above a little surgery from time to time.

Ohashi Design Studio

These beautiful trunks were significant enough to the owners a deck was constructed around them for their own preservation. Their feline forms behave as sculptures in the garden.

Pal + Smith

Trees sequester carbon, cool the environment, fix nitrogen levels, create oxygen, create biomass and support structures (not to mention supporting whoever utilizes this swing). This beautiful tree is a critical addition to the home, and I am convinced it is valued for its own form and function.

Wantland Ink Landscape Architecture, PLLC

Following is a beautiful home with an artfully built entry. The simplicity of the details is well worth noting: gravel driveway, curb, sidewalk, generous landing and walk. It is difficult to keep it easy, but this design did it. The ground plane managed with fighter grass (Liriope spicata, USDA zones 4 to 10) is daring and refined. Undoubtedly this landscape would have felt incomplete without the elegance of older trees.

Le jardinet

The experience of resting in a woodland is much different than that of being on a patio set in yard or among daylilies. These regions create great chances, but a lot of times these beautiful areas are left handed and undeveloped. Whether these regions are around the home or in the remote landscape, they are powerful places that are worth considering as part of your habitat.

When you light trees, then you bring ambient lighting to the area and encourage flow to it. A lit landscape viewed from inside a residence is a great advantage and promotes movement to the exterior. Focusing landscape lighting on trees rather than paths draws the eye up and stokes curiosity.

The power and beauty of this woods is clear in this photo. The slope could have been decorated with plants, which certainly would have degraded the landscape. Instead, easy understory plants observe the majestic woodland.

I plant my talk of flowering understory trees — and the landscape would not be complete without them — but I encourage you to look at planting shade trees, regardless of what the size of your property is. Spend some time contemplating how your landscape may evolve in 15 years with a few older shade trees, or the way you could make an encounter among the trees you may have on your premises.

If you’ve got large trees on your home, seek out those knowledgable about soil biology and plant health care to help handle them. Creating balance in a landscape may be inexpensive if you handle it correctly, and also the experience of living with an abundant landscape can be invaluable.

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