The Way to Change the Packing Washer

Utility and outdoor faucets, as well as kitchen or bathroom ones with two handles, have compression valves. A valve closes onto the water heater to prevent water flow, when you turn the handle of this type of faucet clockwise. The seal is made by A seat washer at the end of the valve, and a packaging washer beneath the packing nut prevents water from spraying against the handle if the faucet is still open. Both washers wear out with time. Replacing either of them is not hard and can continue to keep the faucet functioning indefinitely.

Before disassembling it Switch off the water to the faucet. There might be a valve on the supply line to the faucet. Switch off the water heater for the house if there is not. Open the faucet when the water is off and allow it to empty.

Unscrew the handle being held by the Phillips screw using a screwdriver and pull off on the handle. Spray lubricant around the screw if it is hard to turn. You might want to tap the deal using a hammer to crack the rust bond if it doesn’t lift off easily.

Loosen the packing nut using an adjustable wrench and then lift it off. If it won’t turn, lubricate it. Once the nut is removed by you, grip the handle stem with pliers and pull the valve out of the body.

Work out the packaging washer, situated in a recess at the point where the valve body is met by the handle stem. You do not have to be tender and may dig it out using a slot screwdriver since you’re replacing it. As you can, preserving as much of it will help you find a replacement that’s the same size.

Lubricate a washer then slide it on the handle stem and then push it.

Turn over the valve and inspect the chair washer. The valve is worn when turned off if the faucet was leaking, and replacing it is easy. Unscrew it being held by the Phillips screw and pull it off. Fit in a replacement and twist the screw to hold it.

Twist the valve back in the body and then screw on the packing nut. Tighten the nut using a wrench. Slide the handle back onto the handle stem and then twist the screw to hold it.

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