Ways to Remodel Your Basement

Remodeling a cellar is a means to add usable living area and increase the value of a home. While remodeling a basement may lead to a higher assessment, and a increased property tax obligation, it may pay off when the time comes to sell your home.

Refresh Floor and Walls

Refresh the walls and one of the quickest and inexpensive ways is to replace floors. This may be as simple as adding new linoleum press-on tile and a coating of paint. For an update, hardwood floors or carpets and background may give the cellar an entirely new look. Light colors will take advantage of limited natural lighting and help make the room appear larger and more open.

Create a Media Room

The cellar is an ideal place for a media room with a television, stereo speaker system, DVD player and video game consoles. Apart from having enough room for ample luxury chairs, a cellar room is also very likely to be big enough to maintain a DVD or CD collection. The shortage of natural lighting is actually an advantage for a media space, where darkness can improve the experience of seeing a movie at home. Acoustic foam panels will help insulate the space from sound and make electronic sound sound its best.

Add a Bedroom

Adding a bedroom may increase the living room in a home very quickly. A cellar bedroom is only appropriate if the area has ample heating and light. In addition, fire codes need basement bedrooms to have an egress window for emergency escape. Installing this window will also help the bedroom get more natural lighting.

Cover Ductwork

Overhead ductwork is just one of the major issues in the majority of basement remodeling projects. However, there are several ways to cover or otherwise deal with it. Painting pipes and heating ducts black can help make them give cellar rooms the appearance of a warehouse or attic apartment. A suspended ceiling may obscure ductwork whilst adding efficient fluorescent lights. Hanging drywall and hollow beams can cover ductwork more fully and provide the cellar an attractive coffered ceiling. This sort of ceiling is also appropriate for painting to provide the space much more colour and fashion.

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