Layout Revolutionary: Buckminster Fuller at SFMOMA

There’s really no good only word. He had been an architect, an engineer, an author, a designer, a philosopher and much more. Considered among the last great American inventors, Fuller is credited with influencing many theories in contemporary structure — such as prefabricated home, eco friendly substances and residing in a smaller footprint. A new […]

Is a Rubber Tree Poisonous to Pets?

Rubber trees are common houseplants but also develop outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 12. Whether or not a rubber tree is poisonous to pets is contingent upon the sort of tree. Some kinds of rubber trees are harmless, while others are toxic to cats and dogs. Indoor cats, more […]

The Way to Control Lilac Borers

Lilac borers known as borers, are pests that can destroy your trees. Immature lilac borer larvae burrow into the stems of the tree that is lilac and feed the substances inside. As time passes, the lilac borers will bore holes in the branches of the tree. It is going to die once the pests bore […]

How to Choose Folding Doors

A folding door is a space-saving option that adds beauty, comfort and performance to a home design. Folding doors are ideal for closets, pantries and huge rooms which require room dividers. If you plan to set up folding doors on your real estate investment, consider features that accommodate your layout and price range. Folding doors […]

What Kinds of Losses Does Flood Insurance Protect Against?

Flood insurance is a particular kind of homeowner’s insurance policy designed to protect homeowners in the financial devastation of flood damage to their home. People commonly think that flood insurance covers all losses, but insurance coverage really breaks down what’s insured by the positioning of the damage. Damage to the structure of a residence isn’t […]

Ways to Remodel Your Basement

Remodeling a cellar is a means to add usable living area and increase the value of a home. While remodeling a basement may lead to a higher assessment, and a increased property tax obligation, it may pay off when the time comes to sell your home. Refresh Floor and Walls Refresh the walls and one […]

Patio Life: Measure Outside

Creating a near-seamless transition from indoors to out requires a couple of things. First you’ll need a huge wall of glass doors that makes a visual transparency between the 2 sides of this wall. Secondly you’re going to want to have those glass doors open wide and high so, when weather allows, you receive as […]

Carriage House

Carriage houses, also called coach houses, are detached structures that were once used to home horse-drawn carriages or coaches. Today carriage houses are often garages with secondary, smaller apartments built (typically) over the space for cars. In some cases the whole structure is changed to another residential unit, eliminating storage. PC, Moore Architects Most carriage […]


While the clerestory has really come to mean any window place high up — say, above eye level — in a wall, it was originally a set of windows positioned above the roof of the amount beneath. Think of the interior of a Gothic church; the windows above the primary floor are put from the […]