Thought of the Week: Tiny Office Above the Staircase

While renovating a small 3-bedroom bungalow to get a customer, Nick Stratichuk of JCS Renovation ran into trouble when attempting to locate space for a workplace. The owners were a professional couple who wanted to get a place to work at home from time to time. Space was limited, and the couple did not need to sacrifice the open and modern layout their remodel had afforded them. Instead of studying a desk to the master bedroom, then the group in JCS Renovation seemed for a small office area at greater places.

Wooden Chrome

This tiny desk nook is situated right over a set of stairs leading to the cellar. JCS Renovation had removed a wall in what was originally the dining room and discovered this space simply sitting there, so that they made use of it. The very small Valve”reminds me of a tree , or even a hideaway we all had as kids,” states Stratichuk.

Wooden Chrome

The stage is high enough over the stairs to enable the homeowners to pass underneath and walk down to the cellar without any problems. But due to how in which the nook was located, the main floor is simply 28″ in the stage, so just two measures were needed to access to and out of the workplace.

Wooden Chrome

The remainder of the house includes a very crisp, white background, so JCS Renovation wanted to heat this up space and make its features stick out. They used black walnut veneers for the woodwork and finished it off with stainless steel.

To match the remainder of the sleek house and make the stairs seem a little more fun, they made the stairs to hang off of one steel pipe.

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