Wallpaper for Dreamy and Dark Bedrooms

Painting the room a dark colour can be scary, but utilizing a dark background is even more terrifying. So why would anyone do so? Since the benefits are amazing. You’re able to yield terrific results and make an insanely cozy retreat by installing dark background in your bedroom. The blend of a deep colour and pattern or texture makes a very comfortable atmosphere. This combo also provides a stunning backdrop for many different furniture pieces and cloths. Thus, don’t be afraid to let your imagination run rampant. Produce a darkened and darkened bedroom where you are able to wind down in fashion.

Wintercreative Interior Design : Maika Winter ASID

To give your bedroom a look of total luxe, utilize a brightly coloured wallpaper and pile lush fabrics right onto your bed. Try plush cushions, an over-sized velvet headboard and silky linens.

In regards to dark background, even a subtle pattern can add volumes of style. Geometric patterns are very on-trend today and look great in a contemporary space.

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If you love dark background but still need a brighter appearance for your bedroom, then select a wall covering that includes a darker background with a white pattern. Then you can add white furnishings to your area, and you’re going to have the best of both worlds.

Gray is still a remarkably popular neutral in the world of design. From the bedroom, a gray wall covering is soothing, relaxing and tasteful.


For smaller bedrooms, select a headboard, fabric and other furniture that are darker than your background. This will make the walls look lighter than they actually are and the room won’t feel so small.

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Often we set the swank to our dining rooms and living spaces, however why not our bedrooms, too? A black wall will bring glamour and elegance. So go ahead — turn your bedroom into a posh boudoir!

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Textured backgrounds are a great way to create an earthy, natural feel in the bedroom. Grass cloth and other natural woven wall coverings are great options for a clean casual texture.

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Create a monochromatic appearance by choosing a textured background, fabrics and flooring all with similar hues.

F. Schumacher & Co..

Crocodile, Jet

Wallpaper is definitely making a comeback, however these are not your grandparents’ wall coverings. Nowadays you can discover fantastic faux patterns, like this crocodile textured wall paper. Very posh!


Graham & Brown – Saville Wallpaper – $75

I really like the movement in this background layout. It’s an extreme pattern, however the understated gray tones will keep it from overpowering your space.

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Graham and Brown Amy Butler Wallpaper – Fountain – $4

Here, a delicate pattern is paired with all the unexpected color combination of indigo and lavender. This background would work really nicely in a casual, contemporary bedroom.

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